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MAM-A/Mitsui 1-12x Gold Audio Master Discs
Quantity: 50
Code: MAM11498
1 for $138.00
2-3 for $127.50 ea.
4+ for $118.75 ea.


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MAM-A/Mitsui 1-12x Gold Audio Master Discs

Ideal for creating quality masters on your older audio CD recorder.

This Mitsui/MAM-A disc is designed to work with older CD-Audio recorders which may not be compatible with newer, higher speed discs. As new higher speed discs become available the disc manufacturers don't account for much older drives when setting up the drive IDs. Each drive has a particular ID called an ATIP. The ATIP information is given to the disc manufacturers so they can optimize their media for every drive. The ATIP info lets the drive set the correct laser setting on the drive to match the discs dye material. Some recording dyes, like a Cyanine (green) require a higher power setting on the recording laser.

When new media is produced older drives can be forgotten in the equation. The media manufacturer will assume that old 1 & 2x CD Recorders may be out of circulation, and this is where the problem begins. Many pro audio recorders that are in high-end audio boards or systems are still older drives. That's where these MAM-A audio discs come in. If your recorder is older and used for Audio Master, these discs are made using old stampers, which still have all the old drive ATIP info, so they will work with your old 1 to 12x recorder.

So if you have run into this scenario, these MAM-A/Mitsui discs are just for you!

This is a gold disc, (made with phthaolocyanine dye) with a thermal printable surface and a maximum recording speed of 12X. It will work with Rimage Prism and Primera Inscripta printers. Its packaged in 50 pc cake box, and in master cartons of 200 pcs. This product is not designed to work in a Rimage Everest printer. This will work with screen printing.

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